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  Questions 47 to 56 are based on the following passage.

  The American patent system, provided for in the Constitution, was designed to encourage the creation and use of new technology. An inventor would describe the invention, both in writing and with drawings, and __47__ the description with a model to a government official. If the invention was judged to be ___48__ and beneficial, the official would give the inventor a patent. The patent meant that for 14 years the inventor owned the new invention. Inventors could ___49__ their ideas to manufacturers or just use them themselves. The government would not ___50__ any other patent for the same idea, and the inventor could ___51__ anyone of using the patented idea with- out paying the owner of the patent for ___52__ to use it.

  A useful patent meant that the inventor could make a lot of money. In exchange for this gover- nmental protection, the government published the patent __53___ , which had to provide enough information so that other people could understand the invention—thus adding to the general__54_technological knowledge. And at the end of the 14 years, anyone could use the invention for__55__.The idea behind the patent system was twofold: it would increase the amount of technology, by providing a way for people to make money out of new ideas, and it would make new technology widely available, by publicizing ideas that might ___56__ be kept as trade secrets.

  A) license I ) specifications B) however J ) yield C) accuse K) issue D) submit L) charge

  E) convenient M) available F) permission N) otherwise G) enable O) original H) free


  47.D 此处需要一个动词。本句叙述申请专利的程序:申请人申请专利时需要对发明进行具体描述,然后将描述和样品一同提交政府官员,故填submit一词。

  48.O 此处需要填入一个形容词和beneficial并列作表语。此句介绍政府官员签发专利的条件是原创性和有用性,故填original。

  49.A 空格前为情态动词could,所以此处需要填入一个动词原形。此处和or后面的use them themselves意义上是对应的。根据常识,申请人获得专利后,专利当然可以自己使用,也可以转让给其他人,故填license“许可,特许”。

  50.K 此处需要填入一个动词原形。政府为一项发明签发专利后,当然不能再为同样的创意签发专利,故填issue“签发,发行”。

  51.C 空格前为情态动词could,所以此处需要填入一个动词原形和后面的介词of 搭配使用。句子用without 引导条件——如果没有支付费并获准使用就擅自使用该专利,因为专利受法律保护,发明人有权对其进行起诉。accuse和charge都有“控告,控诉”的意思,但是用法不同,分别为accuse sb. of sth.和charge sb. with sth. ,故排除charge。  52.F 此处需要填入一个名词作介词for 的宾语。使用专利的人要向专利发明人支付费用, 获得使用权后才能取得专利的使用权。故填permission“许可”。

  53.I 此处需要一个名词。对于专利,政府一方面实施保护政策,另一方面,为了让大众了解专利的相关知识,政府会出版专利的详细说明,所以填specifications“说明书”。

  54.M 此处需要一个形容词,修饰其后的名词knowledge。政府出版专利详细说明的目的是让大众能够了解发明,所以填available“可利用的” 。

  55.H 上一段中提到美国政府在专利申诉的14年内进行保护,在这14年申报人拥有专利的所有权,超过14年,任何人都可以免费使用该专利。此处考查固定短语 for fre“免费的”。

  56.N 句子主谓结构完整,空格处可以填入一个副词。publicizing ideas和定语从句中的be kept as trade secrets 之间是对比关系,因此需要填入一个表示转折意义的副词 otherwise。otherwise 和 however 都可以表示引导意义的转折,但however常用插入语,其前后需要加逗号,而otherwise 不需要。


  Questions 47 to 56 are based on the following passage.

  It seems you always forget—your reading glasses when you are rushing to work, your coat when you are going to the cleaners, your credit card when you are shopping...

  Such absent-mindedness may be 47 to you; now British and German scientists are developing memory glasses that record everything the 48 sees.

  The glasses can play back memories later to help the wearer remember things they have forgotten such as where they left their keys. And the glasses also 49 the user to "label" items so that information can be used later on. The wearer could walk around an office or a factory identifying certain 50 by pointing at them. Objects indicated are then given a 51 label on a screen inside the glasses that the user then fills in.

  It could be used in 52 plants by mechanics looking to identify machine parts or by electricians wiring a 53 device.

  A spokesman for the project said: "A car mechanic for 54 could find at a glance where a part on a certain car model is so that it can be identified and repaired. For the motorist the system could 55 accident black spots or dangers on the road."

  In other cases the glasses could be worn by people going on a guided tour, 56 points of interest or by people looking at panoramas where all the sites could be identified.

  [A] allow [B] instance[C] blank[D] industrial[E] frustrating[F] items

  [G] indicating[H] highlight [I] user [J] complicated [K] white

  [L] annoying [M] successful [N] article [O] simple


  47. E 空格处需填一形容词,即从E、J、L、M中选择。过去分词一般用于主语是人的句子,排除J;结合常理,忘性大常常令人懊恼,故E最符合文章。

  48. I 根据定语从句谓语see可知,主语要么是人要么是眼镜,由下句the use的提示,故选I。

  49. A 该空需填入一个动词,即从备选项A、H中选择,有allow sb. to do sth.的结构,且语义符合文意,故选A。

  50. F 由上文的label items可推知F最符合文意。

  51. C 该空需填入一个形容词,由下文的fill in可推知C(空白的)最符合文意。

  52. D 由该句中的相关信息词mechanics(机械师)和identify machine parts可推知D最符合文意。

  53. J 该空需填入一个形容词修饰名词device(设备),由常识可知工厂里的设备通常都很复杂,正因为复杂,不容易记住,才有必要使用这种新型眼镜,故J最符合文意。

  54. B 该句主句的基本句子结构是A car mechanic could find where a part is,介词for和应填的词在句中作插入万分,结合选项,B最符合文意。

  55. H 该空应填入动词原形,从词义上能排出A,H符合文意。

  56. G 分析句子结构可知,该空应填入一个非谓语动词,结合句意“在其他情况下,人们可以戴着这种眼镜随团旅游,________名胜景点…”可知,G(指示)最符合文意。



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