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  Questions 47 to 56 are based on the following passage.

  Have you ever been afraid to talk back when you were treated ____47 ___? Have you ever bought something just because the salesman talked you into it? Are you afraid to ask someone for a date.

  Many people are afraid to assert(表现)themselves. Dr. Alberti thinks it's because their self-respect is low. "Our whole ____48 ___ is designed to make people distrust themselves," says Alberti. "There's always '____49 ___' around-a parent, a teacher, a boss-who 'knows better'. These superiors often gain when they chip(削弱) away at your self-image."

  But Alberti and other scientists are doing something to help people ____50 ___ themselves. They ____51 ___ "assertiveness training" courses-At for short. In the AT courses people learn that they have a right to be themselves. They learn to speak out and feel good about doing so. They learn to be more ____52 ___ without hurting other people.

  In one way. learning to speak out is to ____53 ___ fear. A group taking a course will help the timid person to lose his fear. But AT uses an even stronger ____54 ___-the need to share. The timid person speaks out in the group because he wants to tell how he feels.

  Whether or not you speak up for yourself depends on your self-image. If someone you face is more "important" than you, you may feel less of a person. You start to ____55 ___ your own good sense.

  You go by the other person's ____56___ . But, why should you? AT says you can get to feel good about yourself. And once you do, you can learn to speak out.

  [A] doubt [I] peace [B] active [J] demand [C] system [K] ask

  [D] offer [L] superior [E] unfairly [M] overcome[F] unfortunately

  [N] confidence [G] motive [O] roar [H] image


  47. E 结合句意“当别人对你________时,你是否曾经不敢反驳?”在备选项的副词中,E(不公平地)最符合文章。

  48. C 结合句意“我们整个________的目的就是让人们怀疑自己…”,再根据备选项中的名词释义,C最符合文章。且文章的下两句都是对这一system的解释。

  49. L 下文提到的These superiors即指空格所缺内容,故L正确。

  50. H 该空应填入动词原形。由上文提到的Many people are afraid to assert themselves和下文提到的"assertiveness training" courses可推知,H最符合文意。

  51. D 结合句意“他们(科学家)________‘自信训练’课程”来看选项,D最符合文意。

  52. B 上文和空格所在句都提到通过学习课程能给人们带来很多益处,由此推测该空应填入一个含积极之意的形容词,故B(活跃的)符合文章。

  53. M 结合句意“在某种程度上,学会大声说出来的目的就是________恐惧心理”可知,M(战胜)最符合句意。

  54. G 结合句意“但AT采用一个更为强大的________,即互相分享的需要”来看选项,G(动机)最符合文意。

  55. A 结合常理和上文提到的If someone you face is more"important"than you, you may feel less of a person可推知,此时人很容易怀疑自我,故A符合文意。

  56. J 该空应填入名词,结构句意“你依照别人的________行事”和下文对此的否定可推知,J最符合文意。


  Years ago, doctors often said that pain was a normal part of life. In particular, when older patients 47____ of pain, they were told it was a natural part of aging and they would have to learn to live with it.

  Times have changed. Today, we take pain 48____. Indeed, pain is now considered the fifth vital sign, as important as blood pressure, temperature, breathing rate and pulse in 49____ a person’s well-being. We know that chronic (慢性的) pain can disrupt (扰乱) a person’s life, causing problems that 50____ from missed work to depression.

  That’s why a growing number of hospitals now depend upon physicians who 51____ in pain medicine. Not only do we evaluate the cause of the pain, which can help us treat the pain better, but we also help provide comprehensive therapy for depression and other psychological and social 52____ related to chronic pain. Such comprehensive therapy often 53____ the work of social workers, psychiatrists (心理医生) and psychologists, as well as specialists in pain medicine.

  This modern 54____ for pain management has led to a wealth of innovative treatments which are more effective and with fewer side effects than ever before. Decades ago, there were only a 55____ number of drugs available, and many of them caused 56____ side effects in older people, including dizziness and fatigue. This created a double-edged sword: the medications helped relieve the pain but caused other problems that could be worse than the pain itself.


  A) result

  B) involves

  C) significant

  D) range

  E) relieved

  F) issues

  G) seriously

  H) magnificent

  I) determining

  J) limited

  K) gravely

  L) complained

  M) respect

  N) prompting

  O) specialize


  47题: when older patients __47__ of pain,前面是patients为复数名词,后面是of,确定应填入一个动词;后半句为they were told告诉我们填入过去时动词,满足此题的单词分别是:J) limited L)complained E)relieved,根据本句中的pain(痛苦),确定L)complained(抱怨)与pain(痛苦)的感情方向一致。

  48题:前面是we take pain __48__,确定应填入副词来修饰take,满足的单词有

  G) seriously严肃的K) gravely,由于是pain(痛苦),搭配严肃,如果这两个单词都不认识也是2猜1。

  49题:in __49__ a person’s well-being.,我们知道,in后面跟两种词性,名词或动名词,比如spend time in doing sth,所以满足的单词有I) determining决定,确定 N)prompting,2猜1。

  50题:causing problems that __50__ from missed work to depression.,由于有from---to---,所以填入动词单配这两个介词,由于没有任何特殊信息词,本题填入一个动词原形,由于前面是problems这个复数,所以排掉B)involves,满足的只有O) specialize ,D)range,两个都不认识,先放着不管,待会再结合处理。

  51题:now depend upon physicians who __51__ in pain medicine,后面是in,确定填动词搭配in,前面是physicians who,人作主语,并且是复数,所以必须是动词原形,满足的单词依然是O) specialize ,D)range,我们可以将50和51题全部填入O) specialize,结果是必对一道,有时候放弃是为了得到。

  52题:other psychological and social __52__,前面是psychological and social这两个形容词,空内应该填入名词,由于是other,要求我们填入一个名词复数,满足的只有一个单词F)issues B)involves,二选一,别着急,让我们看下一道题。

  53题:Such comprehensive therapy often __53__ the work,前面是often,要求空内填入实义动词,Such comprehensive therapy明显是单数,不认识也无所谓,确定空内的填入的单三形式的动词,满足的是F)issues B)involves,知道怎么样最功利吗?那就是这道题和上面的52题都填入其中一个,结果依然必对一道!!!

  54题:This modern __54__ for pain management,前面是形容词modern,要求填入名词被它修饰,满足的是A)result结果 M)respect(尊重),空后是介词for ,有一点基础的人都知道M) respect(尊重)最搭配for,所以也就排除了它作为动词原形的可能性,所以现在知道我为什么将51题的满足单词固定为O) specialize ,D)range了吗?

  55题:there were only a __55__ number of drugs available,根据后面的名词number,和前面的a,我们确定天形容词修饰number,满足的有C) significant H)magnificent J) limited有限的,同学们,看到了only了吗?答案是 limited有限的。

  56题:and many of them caused __56__ side effects,后面是名词概念side effects,填入形容词来修饰吧!满足的只有C) significant H)magnificent J),2猜1吧,结合49题2猜1,几率是两道2猜1,两道可以对一道。



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